Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Danimal: Copper Harbor one year on.

Downwind Dan

Ski detail DWD memorial bench

A good place
One year ago this week the UP MTB community lost a great character.  Down Wind Dan AKA The Danimal.  It was a sudden and tragic loss of a person that was gregarious, optimistic and adventurous.  I am not much for memorials and have often thought about the value of such a practice but yesterday on my ride in Copper Harbor I came blowing by the new DWD memorial.  I was immediately struck by memories, emotion and a sense of calm and introspection.  I had to stop and linger for a few minutes and it was fairly emotional, in a good way.

 The spot was perfect.  Not only was the bench on a ski run and  MTB trail in a region that Dan had ripped on often, it was also a spot to dwell, to chill and hang out.  All things that Dan would have done in spades there, I can almost see him there, maybe at somebody else's memorial, being irreverent, taking in the view, speaking about the upcoming descent and pulling on his gloves to get ready to hit it.

As DWD would have said himself, life is short, you need to live it appreciate it and those around you and of all things get off your ass and rip it.....

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