Thursday, August 02, 2012

Remembering the past: The Swinging Bridge, Jay Cooke State Park

This photo was taken a week before the flood, so you can see how high the water was previously to the main event later in the month and why things progressed the way they did.

Bob King, Duluth News Tribune

Lately it has been mainly all work and no play.  At least with the camera, so I apologize for the long delays between blog posts.  I like to think that I post often enough, but just enough that at the very least the posts and the images are quality enough and worth peoples time to check out.  Then again there are only 2 or so of you out there so it should not be much of a problem!  Thanks mom!

In any case I have come to realize that I have so many killer images that never even see the light of day.  I have the hopes and dreams of a better web site with a portfolio so I can archive and allow people to see more of my A list picks, but that is a ways down the line.  Although I do think the collection is extensive enough where I could pull it off now.

In any case in digging through my files I came across a couple of images from Jay Cooke and the Swinging Bridge.  At about the same time I also saw Bob King of the Duluth News Tribunes Helicopter shot and thought that the contrast was just too good to pass up.  So hopefully the DNT does not send their lawyers after me and like I said Bob King was the maestro that took this shot!  My other bit of dirty laundry here is the shot of my buddy on his bike on the bridge.  That was decided no no when the bridge was around.  Before my days with IMBA, I would routinely ride over the bridge to access the river for fishing.  So I know this is perhaps not what the MN DNR would like to see, in reverence for the dead, I thought I would at least post it as it was always a special experience that wont happen again.

Going after early morning Smallies.  St. Louis River


Anonymous said...

I'm not your mom, so I guess that makes me the other of your 2 readers! I love the pics!

Vito said...

I always love viewing your images and wish I had the knack. As always...thanks for sharing:)