Monday, September 10, 2012

A weekend at home in Duluth!! Wow. What a great place to live

Sunset at Movie in the Park, Duluth MN

Ahh Duluth Lake Walk, what a great place
Due to the fury of Lake Superior my original weekend plans were scrapped.  I had a really cool trip in the works, but I have to say, having a weekend in the town I love, was also pretty amazing.  It all started out with Movies in the Park with Tae and Margaret.  What a cool event.  The sunset was killer, the movie really fun and the setting just amazing.  That night set the tone for the rest of the weekend which delivered high on the scale of fun.  First there was the COGGS Gitchee Gumi Gallivant (50 miles of killer trails) and then there was also the Harvest Fest and the Lake Walk Festival as well.  The weekend reminded me why we live here in the first place!

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Vito said...

Definitely cannot argue with you on that point. It is a beautiful place indeed:)