Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Adapt or die files: #1

Wishful thinking
Last winter I started posting comments and thoughts on the idea of adaptation and winter sports.  Mainly because there is no doubt that we are losing winter here in the Upper Midwest.  Or at least the version we grew up with.  My older post was on Fat Biking, and I will have plenty more of those, but the idea is about tools, not one specific sport, so I thought I would start posting some other examples.  Fresh water surfing is one of those.  Not for the faint of heart, not for the folks looking to "hang out" while surfing either.  Want to surf the big lake?  Get your ass ready for lots of wind, lots of extremely tiring scratching and of course some sweet rewards down the line if you have the skills to make it happen.  This is a lot like eating crab legs.....lots of work, delicious morsels to be had in fairly small amounts!


samh said...

I've watched from Stoney Point and I've watched from Marquette yet I've never had the opportunity(?) to try surfing on the Big Lake. It takes a special kind of someone to appreciate a sport where the best season is in winter and it requires swimming.

tatara said...

a testament to the lengths that people will go through to have some fun. Great Lake winter surfers certainly pay the price for radness.