Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Choose your weapon: Deer Hunting, Briggs Outdoors 2012

American pride

First rule of sighting in guns....put the dog away.

54 Cal


Jonathan Browning Mountain Rifle

Rocking it old school
I really love hunting with my buddy Steve.  Not only is his farm literally world class Whitetail Hunting, his arsenal is too.  I wish I had the ability to own several types of muzzleloaders, but Steve has plenty more than that.  So you can imagine my smile when he reached into the safe and hauled out a matched pair of Jonathan Browning Mountain Rifles.  50 Cal and 54 Cal and said this was the weapon of the season. In the past we have used more Modern In-Line Muzzleloaders.  Not this year, trad man, all the way.  We spent our first day sighting these beasts in.  That exercise in itself was fun.  My gun is dead on at 25 and dead on at 50.  Click bang, poof and when the smoke clears....??  This is going to be interesting!

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Kid Riemer said...

Is that a dog or a horse!?!