Wednesday, December 19, 2012

B-Grade: 2012 Photo Retrospective

Jan:  Winter Fly-Fishing Southeastern, Minnesota

Feb: Mike Reimer changes a tire.  Thomson, MN 

March:  BC Big.  Love at Whitecap Alpine

April: Talons of an Osprey, Cuyuna Lakes, MN

Aaron Peterson on a stroll:  Copper Harbor, MI

My neighbor John during the Thomson Flood:  Minutes later he was pulled out by the copter.  I fled out the back way.

July:  Marg and Tae in the BWCA

August:  Tae, pumped for a fish fry.  Round Lake Cabin, Big Fork MN

September:  Bullwinkle Trail.  Copper Harbor, MI

October:  Playing amidst the debris.  Destruction of the Swinging Bridge Jay Cooke State Park

November:  The kill zone.  I waited for hours for something to walk here.  Briggs Farm, Winona MN

December: Another great Park Point Beach Ride.  Duluth, MN
My buddy Gnat has inspired me to do a 2012 Photo retrospective.  So I went through my year of photos (extremely quickly thanks to Lightroom!) and picked some shots that were basically B-Grade.   One shot per month, a challenge in itself and I also tried to use shots I had not blogged before.

I looked for interesting shots, not quite the best, but still pretty fun. I also picked shots that illustrated some of the fun things I did over the last year.  It was quite a year, from a horribly warm and unseasonable winter.  To an insane BS Pow trip, to mountain biking with Shandro and LaRoque to Floods and on to a busy yet fun summer.  This fall has in itself been notable as well with some great hunting in Winona to lots of time with my son Tae while our "mamma" hangs in Thailand. So enjoy and thanks Gnat for the inspiration.

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pattib said...

Beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing.