Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Friendraising": Thanks to Greg Maino for the Clif Bar Prize

Photo by Greg Maino
So while working at IMBA I have often heard the word "Friendraising" tossed around versus "Fundraising".  Meaning that is most often relationships that raise money for your cause versus knocking on doors.  I have seen this in action many times in the last four years but the last version was pretty awesome.  Greg Maino is a person I met years ago while I was working for Current Designs as he was an employee at Downwind Sports in Houghton, MI.  Greg had already been in photography when I met him but his skills have grown a lot since then.  Thus the above shot.  This shot won the Clif Bar Meet the Moment Contest.  The prize for that win was a $10,000 donation to the Outdoor Cause of his choice.  Greg spotlighted me and the work that I have done in conjunction with the Copper Harbor Trails Club as the reason he chose IMBA as the recipient.  In addition Clif was so impressed with the story that they donated another $1,000 specifically to the Upper Midwest Region.

It has been great to watch Greg's work improve but it has also been fun to watch where he is living.  Greg and his wife moved to Burlington, Vt and he is actually working with the Outdoor Gear Exchange.  This is great because he is basically tracing my footsteps!  I lived for 9 years in VT and used to work and play a ton with the Outdoor Gear crew and was around to witness their first stores.  I get homesick every time Greg slaps up a shot of Mt. Mansfield, Stowe and anything in the region!

Thanks again Greg, keep up the great photography and have a great time in the Green Mountain State and I will keep doing as much as I can with the Keweenaw and off road cycling!

Of course huge thanks to Clif Bar for the cash and the donation as well.  It is because of visionary companies like Clif that we as mountain bikers continue to flourish as a usergroup.

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