Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Copper Harbor Vid Makes Aaron LaRocques top 10 of 2012

The "Rock" rolling the Stairway
Partnerships are what make change possible.  Perhaps the best example of that for me was this season, when IMBA, Trek and the Copper Harbor Trails Club partnered to bring Aaron LaRocque and Andrew Shandro to the Keweenaw.

Yesterday Aaron pushed out this blog post at Pinkbike on his top 10 experiences of 2012 and his UP visit was one of them.  Now keep in mind where the other 9 were.  British Columbia (multiple), Mongolia, Utah and Taiwan!  I had a lot of hopes and goals for Aaron and Andrews visit in terms of my work.  The biggest being that it would validate all the hard work that the CHTC crew has put into their trails and literally put them in league with the best trails in the world...well look at this list.  There is no doubt now that it did that.

Great work Copper Harbor and also thanks to Trek, Shandro and the Rock for making this happen, come back soon!

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