Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Fat Bike Carpe Diem 2013: Get it while you can!

Just walk away....

Nut cracker

Perfect winter Fat Bike conditions are a fickle thing.  Right now in our area the all the elements that make up ideal backcountry riding conditions are in place.  However looking down the road it looks as though they could change.  A warm up is appearing later this week and that may throw the balance off a bit.  A little warmer and you lose some snow, which bares the ice, maybe even weakens it a bit.  A little warmer and the rivers rise a little because of the run off and you get over flows that make reading the ice a bit harder.  A little warmer may also mean a bit of snow, which could bury those fast easy rides forever.  

Yesterday I knocked off yet another great ride on one of the rivers near my house.  It was like flying down a paved road, only I was passing wolf tracks and ruffed grouse with not a car in sight.  I thought I had the line nailed when I hit a thin spot as seen above.  

It was a dead stop.  Not quite over the bars but pretty close!  Thank goodness for flat pedals!  I hopped off and avoided a soaking, I think if I would have had clippless I would have been a wet bastard!  Funny, last year at about this same time I had a picture nearly identical to this one on my blog as well.....Early season ice!  Keeps you on your toes!

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