Monday, January 28, 2013

Fishing the Frozen River while at the Frozen River Film Festival 2013!

Hands up!! Loaded Pike!
I have never really been an ice fisherman.  However I have also never really been given a good experience in it either.  While back at home Steve Briggs offered to take Tae and myself out for some "Tip Up" Pike fishing.

I immediately said yes.  I said yes because I like to spend time with Steve, but I also said yes because I know he is a good fisherman.  We headed out to Sam Gordy's slough.  A special place to both of us in its personal history.  Sam Gordy's was a place where as CC runners we had our funnest runs...the mud runs!  Super hard, super fun, super dirty.  Sam Gordy's was also the place where all the illegal parties went down...but that is another post.
Punching holes and placing bets

Secret sauce
Steves father was a hard core outdoorsman.  When I say hard core I mean HARD core.  He taught Steve a lot.  I know they had their hard times, but they certainly had a lot more of the good times.  Bob passed away a few years ago after a hard fight with cancer.

 I had to chuckle, when just before Steve placed his Tip Ups, he opened a small tin and tossed out some dust. I asked him what that was and he replied  "dad".

One in the bucket

We sat out there on the ice playing and talking for a few hours and eventually we got some hits.  The Miss is so full of fish that action is never too hard to come by.  There was an all out sprint to the Tip Up.  First one there gets to haul in the Fish!  I had forgotten about this rule and it was great to see the kids just tearing it up to get to the fish first.  True excitement for them!

Steve and his dad

Rori and Tae with the fish

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