Monday, January 28, 2013

Frozen River Film Festival: A visit home, winter 2013

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The past two years we have braved the roads and the weather to head south to my home place.  Winona, MN.  A place I miss, love and lament all at the same time.  This year was no exception.  The Frozen River Film Festival has become a rallying point for our winter visit and it does not disappoint.  The next bunch of posts all relate to this visit.  Not only do we go to the film festival, we also truly get on the FROZEN RIVER, the old Mississippi as well.

Marg and Tae in the new Winona History Center.  The yellow Canoe is the first Wenonah Canoe ever produced.

Art at Dibbs Cafe, Winona MN

Not only do I get to see some awesome films while being home, I also get to see old friends and hang with Family as well.  While I was visiting my grandmother, my Uncle Bob Shaw swung by with some of his metal work.  Amazing stuff, Bob is so humble about his work!  It is always inspiring to me to go home and to see the creative work my family does.  My Uncle and his wife are both highly creative, my mother and father as well.  Trips home, center you and bring you back to a fine point focus that I tend to let slip as I work and travel....maybe that is why I shot so much over the weekend!

Steel railing by Bob Shaw

Talking shop with Bob and his works of art

Winona is really making a solid comeback and it is great to see things like the film festival, the Rockwell Kent Festival, the Maritime Art Museum and the Shakespeare Festival all be so successful.  It shows in places like the Winona History Center and in the people we meet every year we come back.  A solid foundation of the arts is a sure way to help a city complete a positive transformation and Winona has now got that.  Outdoor Recreation is also a component of change as well and I think that is coming next for this Riverboat town....

Another Epic drive home:  Good thing I am a pro!

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