Monday, January 28, 2013

Winona, MN River Culture: Skating the sloughs and sipping coffee at Fortunato's

Shooting through the sloughs

Tool of the trade
As I had mentioned before.  While home in Winona, I love to get out on the River.  In the past I have hauled out the Fat Bike, this time though I was able to hang with Marg and hit the Nordic Skates.  Skating on the Mississippi Backwaters is one of my favorite pastimes.  When we were kids we brought food, hot chocolate and blankets.  We would stake out the smoothest and best ice and just have a blast.  Skating in the sloughs is a mini exploration, you never know what or who you are going to see around the next corner!

Spooning skate turns!

Marg looking for exit to the Maze.
When we get done with skating I like to try and also catch up on what is going on locally.  When I was a kid there was NOT a place like Fortunata's.  However I am really, really glad that there is now!  My father took me to meet Joe on a bike ride last year and now I am a solid fan.  In fact, I am not sure I should even post this as I dont want to give up this secret too much!  For god sakes, Joe might even have to work a bit more if more people show up!

Fortunata's Coffee Shop.....cant you tell?

Come in!  Meet cool people, huddle by the hot stove!

Fortunata's is a place where I could spend a full day just shooting the little things on the walls and in the corners.  Joe and his customers sense of both politics and humor are right up my alley.

Do Not Hump

Typical picture at Fortunata's

This totally nails it

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