Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spirit Mountain announces lift served MTB for 2013!

The goods

No more pushing!
So yesterday was a good day because it was the day that Sprit Mountain announced its schedule and pricing for its new gravity trails!  Even better news is that the frequency of the lifts running and the costs are both awesome!

This is so huge.  I can already see my summer riding routine lining up and both Mont Du Lac and Spirit will be core parts of that scene as now that they both have gravity and either shuttles or lifts it will be pure downhill fun.

I have always been a gravity nut, only on skis and last season my eyes were opened wide by the new Flow trail and also by my visit to Angel Fire Bike Park.  Having this type of riding in our community will be a huge benefit to our lifestyle that is for sure!

If I were you, I would write down May 23rd 2013 as one day you NEED to be in Duluth!!

The best dirt you can rip


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