Friday, March 15, 2013

Brown County Shout out: Bell Built 2013

B-County Terrain:  Not your average Indiana.
So here we are in the middle of the Bell Built contest.  I have two horses in the race (MORC and Copper Harbor) but a third that is close to my heart.  Brown County, Indiana.  Maybe its because I loved riding there, but maybe its also the Midwest chip I have on my shoulder as well.

I take a deep satisfaction in places like Brown County.  Most folks would discount Indiana as the last place they would want to ride on a mountain bike.  Then bam, Brown County kicks those folks straight in the face with huge climbs, long down hills and amazing vistas. No doubt Brown County crushes the Midwest MTB stereotype like a bug.

If this grant is truly about impact and truly about using these funds to make a difference in our sport, then Brown County is the place that deserves your vote in the Flow Category in this contest.  This place truly exposes the core of our country to the positive aspects of off road cycling, its creating new riders and thus new constituents in what most folks consider the flyover zone.  As our sport grows, those new riders will be integral in gaining the political momentum for more access and more funding going forward.

Aaron Rogers and I rode Brown County a few years ago and I grabbed a few snapshots.  Not my best photos, but we were to busy riding to stop and shoot!

Brown County rock
We liked B-County so much in fact that we hit it twice.  Once on our way down to GA and again on our way home!

There is some stiff competition in the Flow Trail Category and it wont be easy for Brown County.  I have lived in VT and I know all about Burke and the Kingdom Trails, an awesome spot for sure.  However, professionally, thinking of "impact" on the sport I would say Brown County needs your vote and thus this grant more than any of its competition.

So vote for MORC, Copper Harbor and Brown County if you have not done so already!!!!


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