Sunday, March 10, 2013

Man Down!!: Hitting the bench for a few weeks.

Well Friday was a bitter sweet day.  It was sweet in the fact that I had one of the best days on skis with Tae so far.

We hit a bunch of fun runs.  His skills are progressing extremely fast.  We skied trees, we skied bumps and of course we ended up in the Terrain Park.  The Big Guy park as Tae would say.  It has been years since I was in a Terrain Park and I was totally pumped to see how it was set up.  The upper hits were pretty much no brainers.  Go for broke, fly over the table top and land on an awesome transition.  They were perfect for Tae as well since they were set up for coming up short.  We session the jumps for 5 runs in a row and I have to say it was so freaking cool to see that little kid rocking it.

Tae at 5 hitting the big ones at Spirit
 It was like watching a snow flea zipping across a cornice.  He would come it super hot and because the lips were so steep by the time he hit the top he had just enough speed to clear the lip and land on the other side.  It took guts for him to do that, but he was so pumped every time that of course I had to start hitting them too!  After our five runs I finally decided I wanted to hit the next progression, the bigger jumps.  Well, I hit it all right.  I had just enough speed to clear the gap and make the transition but the tails of my tele boards just barely caught the edge.  Just enough to flip me forward.  Classic tele crash, over the bars and on my shoulder on super hard packed ice.  CRACK and I knew it was all over for the season.
Bummed for daddy
Bummer!!!  I hate to think that I am missing but it is A LOT.  First off my trip to ride the citizen Tour of Flanders with my brother and father.  Something I will still go watch, but will not ride.  Secondly, all the awesome crust cruising that we are lined up for here in town.  The snow just keeps coming and eventually it will be the perfect freeze thaw and that will be good for both bikes and skis.  But alas, I will not be the one to enjoy it.

I hope to focus on my photography, get some more work done and also do a bit more blogging so stand by for that!

Deep snow spring means crust cruising!

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Clayton Haglund said...

Sorry to read about your accident and injury Hansi. Heal fast.