Monday, April 15, 2013

Unwelcome Friend: Winters April Return to Northern Minnesota....

Nice day for a picnic
Pickem up truck stuck..Redneck shame.
Well, just when we thought we were on the right track we get our butts handed to us.  That is Duluth for you.  One minute your loving it like a long lost friend then the next your looking to toss it out the door and tell it to never come back....ever.

All that said, when you get handed snow...go skiing.  The crust has been amazing and that is a blessing I guess.  Good news is that I am in the last phase of healing and am able to just start getting on the bike and the skis.  No major aggression, but some exercise for sure.

Three inches of perfect fluff on concrete
Ryan Z getting low on the twitchy sticks
The world is groomed!
We received about 14 inches of snow on Thursday night.  Thank goodness Chris Godsey (Bless his soul) came out and helped me dig out.  My arm is getting better but shoveling dense snow is not yet approved as of yet.  Since Friday however we have received another 4 or 5 inches of snow on top of that.  You could not have better conditions for backcountry skiing around here.

The runs are short and lower angle for the most part, so the firm base allows more speed and lighter gear.  What a hoot.  I was also able to get in a nice Fat Bike Ride as the mornings have been firm.  So not ideal, but what the hell choice do we have?  The ice is still thick on the lakes but you can see it starting to rot......

River ice
Die, Frosty DIE....

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