Friday, May 17, 2013

2nd Annual Duluth Mayors ride: Bikes are getting bigger in the Zenith City

Big tires and big dreams in the city by the lake

Getting lessons from the master
 This was the second annual Mayor's ride here in Duluth.  Last year was a good year, but this seasons ride illustrated where Duluth cycling is going in the future.  The ride which started as usual at the City Hall ended at Valentini's on London Road and was concluded with lunch and speakers.  The place was packed.
Congressman Oberstar killing it on the road

Its news worthy.  Duluth is behind bikes
There are some big dreams for Duluth as a cycling city.  Certainly most folks who read this blog know about the Single Track that is coming, and coming soon.  However it was really inspiring to hear about the transportation advances as well.  As most Duluth cycling advocates would tell you, there are some sketchy places to ride your bike in our city.  I was especially happy to hear that there is going to be an addition to the Lake Walk path that will be reaching west.

People are always asking about how "scary" it is to ride a mountain bike.  I aways laugh and relate to them that the most scared I have ever, ever been has been on a road bike, in traffic and in Duluth.  A classic example was actually when Eric Peterson and I were knocked over by the plow on Grand Avenue this winter!

Its been a long time coming, but there is no doubt that rolling on two wheels is improving in D-town.

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Greg Russell said...

So nice to see more biking in Duluth. Even better to see our Mayor out front championing bike riding.