Monday, May 13, 2013

Close but no Cigar: Wait for the Trails to dry 2013!!!

Dont do this to your trails!

I try extremely hard NOT to be the preachy advocate.  However, when the trails are muddy, the trails are muddy and riding, walking or dancing on them is not to happen.

So spread the word, things are drying out, but they are not even close to dry enough so please stay off the trails and let them heal up so when they are dry, we can have rock star riding versus rutted out chunder.......

If you have the jones, head south.  The MORC trails look to be open.  Cuyuna is open as are other southern tier trails, so go check em out and see amazing things the other clubs are up to.

Oh yeah, FYI. tire width (Wider) and low PSI does not mean you can ride wet trails!

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pattib said...

Thank you, thank you. Mother Earth thanks you!