Monday, February 03, 2014

I rocked these threads at Spirit Mountain on Saturday

My wife did not want to ride the chairlift with me on Saturday.

That morning I was digging through the closet looking for something warm to wear and I realized I had to do it.  My Grandfather was a course marshall at the Lake Placid Olympics in 1980 and he was given a full uniform.  Jacket, matching bibs, boots and a hat.  When he passed away I somehow inherited the jacket and pants.  I think the hat and boots had already turned to dust somewhere.

The last time I rocked this outfit was in Utah at Deer Valley. I was coming off a rock star season of backcountry skiing and due to a family trip found myself at the Valley.  While being more known as a destination for the rich and famous and less for its skiing, there is some great tree skiing at Deer Valley.

That morning it had dumped a couple of sweet feet of snow and I was standing in line for first chair and the few super core local skiers were there with me.  I was wearing the full zoot suit.  Not sure why, I just had to do it at Deer Valley you know?  Those guys were crusty and they did not want anything to do with me.  I however did not know the mountain other than I KNEW that there were some goods to be had and the only way to find them quickly was to make quick friends or shadow.

The zoot suit was making it hard to make quick friends!!  So I had to follow.  I am a solid skier, but not a super star by any means.  That mentioned though I was on my game that morning and I stuck to one group of baggy pants wearing dread locked bro brahs through some really fun terrain.

Still, even at the bottom of the first run, they were still not sure what to make of me.  The second run had some tighter trees, small drops and plenty of deep, deep snow.  This time I ended up at the lift ahead of them and that was when the comments started!  I think the reality that I was wearing the suit as a joke finally came to light for them and they were backslapping me and high fiving as well.  I was in the group and sharing chairs for the rest of the day and it was really fun to have seen that reaction.

The reaction at Spirit was totally different.  I had one lady point and snicker, another group was hooting from the chair, but mainly I think most people thought I was seriously wearing my 1980s threads because that was what I was wearing!

You have to love lift served skiing in the midwest, its like walking down 32nd street in New York City, anything goes and nobody cares what your wearing if you can rip it to the bottom.

In any case it was a fun exercise and if anything I managed to make Margaret smile that is for sure!


Vito said...

Stylin' on the slopes. Very cool :)
I've been looking for an old pair of late 70's early 80's Woolrich XC knickers for winter fat bike riding. No luck :(

rlove2bike said...

Making Grandfather proud!!

Trailpatrol said...

Cool. I have a belt buckle with that same logo on it. At that time in my life Placid and Keene Valley were like 2nd homes for me.